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Distance From Villa Hestia: 13miles

Travel Time: Car 35mins

Assos is a truly unique and special village, which is hard to describe in words. It's a picture-postcard of a place, with pastel-coloured houses surrounding a beautiful little beach, overlooked by a hilltop castle.

Narrow streets and pathways, with steps winding between houses down to the water's edge, a quaint village square and a handful of tavernas and restaurants - Assos is definitely somewhere to while away a few hours. 

Walk up to the castle if you're feeling energetic, or find a picturesque spot with a drink and a book if you're not!


Agia Efimia

Distance From Villa Hestia: 11miles

Travel Time: Car 30mins

Agia Efimia (Greek: Αγία Ευφημία) is a picturesque little place, only a short drive away from Villa Hestia, on the eastern side of Kefalonia.


Originally a fishing village centred around a small harbour, Agia Efimia is now home to numerous sailing boats, many of which can be chartered, a varied selection of tavernas and cafes and is an excellent place to visit for a meal or a few drinks without venturing too far from Zola. 


Distance From Villa Hestia: 22 miles

Travel Time: Car 55 mins

Fiskardo is a stunningly beautiful Greek harbour village on the Northern tip of Kefalonia.

It is the only place on the island where the majority of the original Venetian buildings survived the devasting earthquake of 1953, so it really has to be experienced.

There is a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and gift shops dotted along the waterfront, around the square, and amongst the narrow stepped pathways that wind between the houses.

Now home to the yachting fraternity, Fiskardo often attracts some very impressive boats and even the occasional celebrity!

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